Thursday, March 11, 2010

Let there be light (in pretty containers of course)

 With summer coming up, all I can think about is enjoying the outdoors and how to make our back patio a great place to entertain. I have started thinking about lanterns that I can keep outside to make my home feel like a tropical resort every day. I love to group them, I love them for parties, and to add a little sparkle to every night. I found lots of fun stuff, and since you all have the internet, I spared you the ones that we have all seen a million times. These were my favorites from countless google images searches. If you would like to know where one came from, just leave it in the comments and I can give you the info.

I always like when things are homemade and the crafter puts their own spin on the project, like the soup can lights or the handmade paper lanterns in the pictures above. My favorite new thing I found was the Chinese Sky lanterns or wish lanterns. Amazing!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Laura's condo

My sweet friend Laura Money got the opportunity to redo her cozy little condo in Crestline village last year. She like everyone who gets into demolition in there home ran into some bumps in the road but her natural design sense made this condo so fabulous.

Bathroom before:

Kitchen before:

Kitchen after:

gray tile, french country cabinets, butcher block countertops and stainless steel appliances oh my! Every decision she made was the right one.

My favorite are the little touches that Laura had added like the Olive tree by the sink, Dean and Deluca spices and a rack, and her vintage tea cups that are scattered around her kitchen and china cabinet.

Bathroom after: 

Laura picked the most beautiful sink and potty! They are loosely art deco styled. She also used her space so well, by switching the old tub with this amazing glass shower door and all white tile! A perfect way to use her small space and make it look so much bigger. I also will say that when you walk in this all white well lit bathroom you instantly feel glamorous.

Thanks so much Laura for sharing you fabulous home with us!