Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Vertical Gardens

I have always loved fresh flowers and plants in the house. The problem is that house plants die when they see me coming. So my mission this spring is to not only maintain an inside plant collection but I am planning on venturing into the great outdoors and making my patio and yard a tropical oasis full of fun.

So far my favorite gardening idea that I have found is from  http://www.instructables.com/ AHHHH! I love these little guys. It won the competition for gardening and you can see why. Please go to the website and you can learn about lots of great things as well as how to make this! BTW it is a shoe holder!

 LOVE! Most of the super fancy ones can be found on www.floragrubb.com. These are such a great way to have an herb garden or a dramatic statement even in an apartment.

the 2 pictures above are succulents. If you know nothing about plants (like me) and kill everything, then these are going to be your best friends. I have had one succulent for about four years now so you know they are hardy.



This is another great place to look for your next planter. Or if you want to enter into the world of vertical gardens.  OH and guess what else, it is made from recycled materials. Yeah, I know the biggest problem is which one to get.

Last but certainly not least I have great news. Sweet peas in homewood has a really cute version of these vertical gardens. Also these are totally on the list of things to accomplish for our own house this spring. I am hoping to show you what vertical gardens I have been working on soon.

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