Monday, July 19, 2010

a shower? a party? we actually had both.

First of all, all of these stunning pictures were taken by the FABULOUS Emma and Wesley of W+E photography ( Check them out and use them for your next event! They got to the house just as the rain stopped and we had decided to start setting up. (Yes...I was freaking out about the rain!). Not everything was ready yet, so we got a few "in the process" shots. 

For the table scape, I wanted it to look easy, alive, candle-lit, and vintage. I grew succulents and potted them all in the same small terra-cotta pots. I used a few things from our home for the rest of the table scape. The candelabras are from our wedding and the have an older look. The hurricanes have mercury glass, so they fit right in as well.

We also have an ugly fence on the back of the patio. So since we have a wild forest for a yard, Michael and I decided to cut up some branches and attach them to the fence to cover it up. (will post about that later)

The food: We,the hostesses, decided to make the food ourselves. Scary? Yes! But if I do say so myself, it was a hit. I like to keep the menu small so you don't have tons of leftovers. We ended up with our self-named Greek Chicken pasta, pesto crostini, and other types of bread to compliment the pasta and just to snack on. The rest of the food arrived later in the day.

The details: candles, succulents, wildflowers, and soft lighting.

I love lanterns! I found these super cute colored mason jars and knew they would add the perfect effect to our outdoor party. For the next part I needed some man power. I got one of our friends that loves a puzzle and gave him some rope and said, "put these in that tree". One of my main concerns was that the candles would burn out during the party. So, Sean (our lantern master) decided to put them on a, (gasp) duel pulley system. That way closer to the party we could lower the lanterns and light them! Yeah!!

I have also always wanted these super cute hanging teal light holders from CB2 and this was my perfect chance to acquire them. I put them at different levels on the front porch and downstairs as you walk out to the back porch.

To drink we had wine, prescco with rasberries (the brides favorite), beer, and sweet tea vodka with lemonade.

Dessert: Of course the first people I thought of for the most fabulous dessert possible was Proper Measures ( Stephanie and Wil did not disappoint! They brought a strawberry cake, cake bites, oreo pops, and margarita jello shots! Feast your eyes on this.

I wish we had fancy parties more often. This was the most fun to plan and think about. It helps when it is for your favorite bride! Love you Laura! Once again thanks to Stephanie and Wil of Proper Measures and Emma and Wesley of W+E photography, and, of course, Jessica who gave up a day of her life and all of her refrigerator space to make our delicious dinner and all of the other hostesses!

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