Thursday, September 16, 2010

painting the tile

I love that you can fix almost anything with a little paint and some poly.

I have hated this tile since I moved in.  Just like most things, I had this moment where I snapped and could not even handle looking at it any more.  This tile is in our hallway down the stairs and on our front porch (porch post soon.)  I went with, you guessed it...grey!  But this time not because it is my favorite color.  I wanted the floor to look like concrete.  I also kept it satin to try to make it look more like concrete.

My first instinct with anything that I don't like is to paint it.  After the paint, I realized that I love the grout lines and the size of the tile. It ended up putting a focus on the texture of the tile and not so much the color, which to me was really distracting. The paint has certainly refreshed the space and for the price of a can of paint, I feel accomplished.  

There are not many tricks here as far as application. Make sure it is SUPER clean.  Paint it with porch and tile paint.  Oil based works better.  Poly over it.  The more coats the better, especially for high traffic areas.

Before...Yuck! la la!

After with the stairs!!!!

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