Friday, October 15, 2010

another brick in the wall...

 Everyone has an area in their home that they just haven't gotten around to fixing yet.  One evening while my husband and I were chatting downstairs, our fireplace caught my eye.  Initially it seemed like a tough project to tackle, but I started to think about what I wanted it to look like and realized that I had everything I needed except the masonry screws! 

I decided that I wanted it to look a little worn and one coat of paint turned out to be perfect.  We actually had a  2"x 4" that was used to make the mantle.  I attached it with L brackets, anchors, and masonry screws.  I moved a mirror from upstairs, added some cute plants and candles and... Voila!


Part of renewing any space is using items that you already own.  Make a list of the home accessories you have.  Try to group them by style, color, or theme.  I had white paint, little white bowls, and a white mirror.  This continuity gives the room a brand new feel.  Start thinking of things you can rearrange so that you can repurpose and refresh your house with a little time, very little money, and a lot of love!

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