Friday, October 29, 2010

baby pot pies

I am not much a cook, but I certainly want everything to be cute and pretty.  We have a new tradition with our friends to have a family dinner every couple of weeks.  With fall quickly becoming winter, we decided on chicken pot pie.

World Market really came through for us today. We wanted individual ramekins for each person and they have really cute ones and you get 2 for $2.99!

Green Souffle Dish, Set of 6 - Cost Plus World Market

I love these little guys and since my friend Danielle made every single thing from scratch (including the broth)!  It was just what everyone needed to warm the heart and soul.  Happy cooking!

They were such a hit! I recommend baby pot pies for your next get together.

Cant resist showing you some of the cute pumpkins our friends carved.

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