Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Countertop wise

I was sitting in my kitchen the other day and all of the sudden I could not take it anymore. I had to figure out some way to rid myself of my hunter green counter tops. I began to research counter tops, and the only thing that was in budget was painting them. I love to paint so this was a great find. As you will see there are a few dangers in this process but overall I am super happy with the quick fix, low budget, fabulous transformation of my kitchen. Here are a few helpful hints.

Painting countertops
     1. Sand your countertops with medium grit sand paper
       2. Prime (I used regular kilz primer.
       3. Choose your color and paint. 2 coats will most likely be needed. The finish does not matter at this point.
4.   4. Using minwax poly. Cover your countertops 3-5 times with good coats. This is the protection for you countertops.

-For each of the different paints that you are using, make sure that you let every coat dry fully. For the last coat of poly, let it sit for a full 24 hours before you put everything back in your kitchen.
-I used a small roller and it worked really well! It puts a very even coat on the space.
-Disclaimer: I did this as a quick fix. I fully plan on replacing my counter tops with butcher block at some point, but I honestly could not look at the Hunter green countertops anymore.  They aren’t my dream countertops, but this is a great transition until the butcher block is in reach! (more on butcher block when the time comes to replace)
-The downside: I have had them painted for about 2 months now and there are certainly signs of wear and tear like small stains and edges that are coming up. I will also say that I have been very careful not to slide things across them, which has helped maintain them. Overall, I am extremely happy with the results. The overall feel of the kitchen is just refreshing. All I need to is to learn how to cook so I can hang out in there more!!!

Painting the cabinets:
I used Sherwin Williams Ivory tower. This is my favorite trim color. I have used this trim all over my house, and the kitchen cabinets as well.  It really provides some continuity and ties the rooms together in a light way. If you choose to use this color, don’t freak out when you open the can. It does not look white, but I promise it is the perfect color. While of course I LOVE white, I think that since there is so much trim in the house it is nice to go a little more subtle, and some thing to consider it is that your trim can get dirty really easy. Also, to maintain a clean and attractive home, make sure that you use high gloss paint. High gloss is a great way to add some shine to your space. When considering the finish of your paint know that the more gloss you have, the easier it is to clean.

My kitchen has a lot of drawer pulls and knobs. In fact, there are WAY too many for me to be able to afford to replace them.  So… I found a spray paint that I liked. (insert picture) I went to Home Depot and told them that I wanted something that was close to oil rubbed bronze. I took all of the hardware off and began to spray paint them.

When you are painting your hardware, make sure that you do a few short sprays, around 6 inches away from the thing that you are painting. This is to prevent dripping on the hardware. As far as set up, nothing to it!  Just find a level place and make sure to place some cardboard or newspaper underneath.

The most important thing to remember… USE THE RESOURCES YOU ALREADY HAVE! The reason that I was able to do this cheaper is that I had plenty cans of paint in my basement from previous projects. When I buy a can of paint I not only think about the project I am currently working on, but future ones as well!

Here are a few pictures of the process. 

 yucky green countertops! Now you understand why they had to go.

Here is the bright gold hardware. Since I had so much to replace I decided to try spray painting it with an oil rubbed bronze-ish spray paint from Home Depot.

Perfect!  The oil-rubbed bronze look I was trying to achieve came out great!

ahhhhhh. much better.

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