Monday, November 8, 2010

thanksgiving table

While day dreaming about the perfect thanksgiving table I started to realize that with my guest list the size of my table was not going to cut it. I decided to make a new table top with seating for 8-10. Here is the old table.

Here is the inspiration for the new table. I love the color! This little guy is from World Market.

All I did was take the top of the old table off, strip the old stain off, and reuse the legs for my new table

Yeah! Now everyone can have a seat for dinner.

 Keep checking back for new additions to the Thanksgiving Table.

The chairs are next on the list!!!! I am super excited!!!!


  1. Hey Mia! It was good to see you at Moss Rock! I just found your adorable blog on facebook! Can't wait to check out your flourish store! We just happen to need two new bedspreads so we'll definitely be checking out your stuff. =)