Wednesday, November 3, 2010

pallet headboard

I stumbled across some pallets one day and started thinking about ways to repurpose them.  My first thought was to create a headboard for our bed!  Michael and I have been looking for headboards for a long time, but we haven't been able to find a king size in our budget.  Making one was going to be a challenge, but a fun one.

I am SO excited about this project. After we took all of the pallets apart, we laid the wood out how we wanted.

The design is really simple...
1. Just lay one board (a 2"x 4") that is the length of the bed (a king size is 76 inches long)
2. Then screw in the pallet boards to the long board.  We used two 2"x4"s to make it stronger.
3. Use smaller 2"x4"s to create the legs for the headboard.  We measured and found that we wanted the
    legs to be 4'4" tall to the center of the headboard in order to be the perfect height for us.

Here's what we used...

- a number of pieces of wood from pallets
- two long 2"x 4"s and two shorter ones
- wood screws and brackets

Now that we're done, we have the option to stain it, or just use poly to seal it and keep the natural look.
My favorite thing about a project like this is that a headboard like ours could work in any room.  It could be painted white for a clean look or even painted on and given a design to fit the look of a room.

In the end I loved the way it looked in our room with a more natural look. I love it so much.

Now if you are not the DIY type these headboards are available for sale. Email me at


  1. awesome. did you sand or stain it?
    pam h

  2. awesome! this is what we're looking to do in our spare room. thanks for the inspiration. just shared it on twitter!

  3. This is awesome! I think I like the look of this better than the ones just made out of the panels without taking them apart.

  4. How did you take the pallets apart?? This is where I'm drawing a blank, I have the materials and am ready!!

  5. Caps is screaming. After searching and searching the internet for something that can be recreated over and over again I have finally found the solution to my dilemma. I LOVE THIS AND I WILL BE CREATING THIS FOR MY BEDROOM. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Thanks for sharing this idea! My son can get palettes from work all the time. They always put their broken palettes out for anybody to pick up and they go through a lot of them. I'm thinking I might make a couple of "rustic" night-tables to match the headboard. ;-)