Monday, November 15, 2010

Deck the table?

When planning my holiday table for this year, all I could think was metallics.  Aaaannnnnd...this is why I love West Elm!  They completely answered my call.  I also don't really like the idea of using "holiday only" dishes (that's the saver in me coming out).  I love the fact that you can use the metallic "holiday spread" for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and fancy dinner parties.

I also thought this through when I got my everyday dishes.  I got a basic plate and bowl and now all I have to do is switch out my salad plate and Voila!   All is new!

Here are two options for my holiday salad plate.  I want 100 of each!  Feel free to vote.  I might not be able to choose...

Check out It's always a good time.

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